Enjoy a plethora of outdoor activities on Greece’s most active island! From windsurfing, hiking and horseback riding to diving in Aegean Sea’s clearest spots, Andros offers a truly remarkable experience for all nature lovers. The island is studded with virgin beaches, olive tree plantations, ancient waterfalls, and magnificent mountain tops. These stunning views will satisfy even the most demanding travellers.


Those fond of intellectual entertainment will enjoy a trip to the Andros Maritime, Archeological or Contemporary Art museums, as well as the highly distinguished, historic olive extraction facility all located within a walking distance from the Villa View. 


It goes without saying that Greek cuisine offers some of the most exciting flavours in the world. Half contemporary and experimental, half traditional with a hint of nostalgia for the past, the local food is a great way to dive into the country’s culture and its rich history. Many of Andros’ highly renowned taverns pride themselves in serving the Greek classics with a modern twist always from locally sourced produce along with wine that brings it to life.


Many taverns organise traditional live music nights, also known as Bouzouki, giving the visitors a chance to experience the indigenous culture of this exceptional island.